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“Thank you for this very important work and message— and for getting kids involved as well in healthy recipes and eating. So important! We have only been signed up for 2 months, but the newsletters, recipes and information are all helpful!
I follow a lot of whole foods, clean eating, essential oils, etc… and I think it all helps us be more aware in what we are eating and doing to our bodies each day.
Thank you!”

“Dad, did you know that if the first ingredient is sugar, you shouldn’t eat it?” “Oh yeah? Where’d you learn that?” “From the mail I got from the club I’m in.” 🙂

Our kids are gobbling up the information they’re getting in the mail from the Kif Brown Foundation and now they’re holding me accountable. What a great way for them to learn and for me to be reminded how important our health is.

Thank you for carrying on Kif’s legacy and working to help others.

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