It’s summer time and that means family vacations and ROAD TRIPS!  I love almost everything about road trips – the music, the sightseeing, the worlds largest ball of twine (ok, I’ll admit I have never seen the worlds largest ball of twine, but I am sure it’s out there somewhere!).  One of the things I don’t really like is when you are on a long road trip, the hunger pains start and usually you pull into the nearest drive thru and make some pretty unhealthy food choices.  Not anymore!!!!!  This TKT, we decided to show you an option for a very healthy, delicious, make ahead snack.  The great thing about this trail mix is that most of the ingredients are from the bulk section, so you can make enough for a trip across town, or enough for a trip across country!!!  TKT TRAIL MIX 2The secret to this trail mix is that there is no recipe!  Add what looks good (and healthy).  Here is what we put into our trail mix:

Raw sprouted almonds

Raw pumpkin seeds

Goji berries

Inca berries

Organic unsweetened chocolate

Toasted coconut chips

Just toss it all in a bowl and then add it to baggies (we used smaller baggies so we could individualize each bag).

IMG_0710 IMG_0711 IMG_0715So, start your engines and we’ll see you on the road!  Happy Travels!!


Dawn and Sarah

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