Greetings from the Kids Club!!!!  We held our first meeting this weekend with a great turnout!  We had 12 kids from Idaho and Washington.  We were so fortunate to have Dr. Deb Roman as a guest speaker.  She is a local osteopathic doctor and talked to the kids about being mindful, and working on taking deep, full breaths and how important that is to your health, both physical and mental.  You can learn more about Dr. Roman and what she does by clicking here.  If you are interested in learning more about the importance of being mindful, check out this interesting article!

KIDS CLUB MEETING 4Dr. Deb really set the bar high for guest speakers at future kids club meetings!  If you are interested in being a part our next meeting, please email us at  KIDS CLUB MEETING 5 KIDS CLUB MEETING 7 KIDS CLUB MEETING 9We finished with Dr. Deb by doing a little back yard yoga!  Even some of the parents joined in!KIDS CLUB MEETING 10Thanks so much to everyone for coming out for the first meeting – we hope to have many more and would love to hear from you about suggestions for future meetings!


Dawn and Sarah

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