Funkify Adventures?  What is that??  Well, first, let’s start with the name itself… Kif saw the word “funkify” somewhere and decided it was about him and was pronounced fun-KIF-y. That became a running joke in the family!

Fast forward to 2013 – Kif was a huge believer that having the right attitude, and getting out to LIVE, was instrumental on his journey and he did just that: he LIVED!  His journey may have been cut too short, but he made the most of it while he was here and he was passionate about getting that message out to the rest of the world.

We at KBF knew that we wanted to create some way for cancer warriors to get out and enjoy life, put the battle that they are going through to the back of their mind and mentally recharge to make the most of life! We created Funkify Adventures to help make that happen!

We have partnered with Boise Hot Air Company and Corridor Paddle Surf Shop and are looking forward to creating many more partnerships in the near future.

As Kif was fond of saying (and this happens to be a lyric from my favorite band!), “Life is short but sweet for certain!”

We look forward to celebrating life with all of you!  Cheers!

Email us at to sign up for your own Funkify Adventure!

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