It’s Back to School Time!!

It’s hard to believe that summer vacation is coming to an end! We hope you all enjoyed your break and have some great memories to last a lifetime! We would love to see pictures and video of how you spent your vacation. Did you travel with your family? Did you get out and enjoy the sunshine? Email your pictures and videos to us at or upload them here!
In past issues, we have written about the importance of physical activity, so in this issue, we want to discuss the importance of mental activity! With school starting soon, you want to make sure that your brain is ready!! If you are wondering how to get your brain “in-shape”, wonder no more! Here are a few tips for peak brain performance:

FOCUS – avoid multi-tasking – sometimes, trying to work on more than one thing at a time actually creates more problems than it solves! Focus on one task at a time!

TRY NEW THINGS – whether you try a new food or a new way home from school (always make sure your parents know your route!), try something new to expand your horizons.

PLAY GAMES – any kind of game that uses logic, reasoning, or trivia are great ways to build up your brain muscle!

READ MORE – not only does reading stimulate your brain simply by processing the words that you are reading, but it also triggers your imagination and so many other parts of the brain. (source:

So, get that brain working and best of luck to each of you in this new school year!!!
Dawn and Sarah

P.S.  Thanks so much to our Kif’s Cancer Fighting Kids Club member Ava Rodriguez for sharing her first day of 2nd grade picture!!

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