Wow!!!   What an amazing tribute to Kif!!!  It was incredible to see friends and family come from far and near (prize for coming the farthest goes to Anne, from Reston Virginia!) to celebrate Kif!  About 125 people enjoyed good food, good company, good stories and good music (Thanks so much to Stellar Tide for making the trek to YP)!  Whether it was through flying, boating, skiing, childhood friends, neighbors, used cooking oil (you know who you are!) Kif had an impact on so many lives.  It was wonderful to see all these different groups get to know each other and tell stories and share memories.  Check out our Facebook page here to see more photos!

We also had the opportunity to officially introduce The Kif Brown Foundation and share a little about our mission.


One of our charter members of Kif’s Cancer Fighting Kid’s Club started off the festivities with an amazing rendition of The National Anthem!


The day would not have been complete though, without blowing something up so…… Kif’s son, Liam, put on a stunning firework display at the end of the day!

Now it’s time to get back to work and, like Kif, leave our mark on the cancer fighting world!!!!!



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