We’re on a salad kick here at The Kif Brown Foundation… might have something to do with the fact it has been HOT lately!!!!  We found the salad recipe here and decided to give it a try… not really TKT since we followed the recipe, but wanted to find and try something other than your standard salad with lettuce and tomatoes and this really hit the spot!!!  TKT CHICKPEA SALAD 2Simple and easy to put together..  we used goat feta.. our avocados were a little firm, so we added some avocado oil and it turned out incredibly!  Think next time we’ll add some grilled shrimp to make it a main dish!  Hmmm… might be good to switch out the parsley for cilantro and feta for cotija and go for a southwest taste!  Either way, finished product was incredible!TKT CHICKPEA SALAD 5

Now for the true TKT goods!!!

We’ve heard you can use avocados in all kinds of ways and, as they are so good for you, decided to explore one of the  more interesting uses…  Chocolate Pudding!!!

Just a few healthy ingredients and a few spins in the Vitamix later….TKT CHOCOLATE PUDDINGVoila!!!!  Chocolate Pudding!TKT CHOCOLATE PUDDING 2

So easy!

2 ripe avocados

1/4 cup organic non gmo cocoa powder

1/4 cup honey

1/4 cup coconut milk


Put in blender and make some magic!   You can adjust ingredients to fit your taste… more cocoa…  more honey… less cocoa… less honey

coconut milk lets you adjust consistency…

We garnished with some shaved dark chocolate and coconut chips…  Delicious!!!!!

Happened to have a friend stop by and gave him a taste…  he absolutely couldn’t believe this wasn’t not only filled with sugar and dairy but had none of the above!!!

Hope you try and enjoy!!!


Dawn and Sarah

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