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Our Mission

A new cancer diagnosis can frightening!  Our organization realizes this is a difficult time. Let us help you navigate toward healing.

Our ultimate mission is to better the lives of patients and their families by sharing knowledge that we have gained through our journey and through continuing research as well as assisting with challenging financial situations. Our approach revolves around an intense and shared commitment.

We are willing to work as hard as you are toward LIVING and LOVING life!
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Kids can join the fight against cancer too! Click the link below to Register.

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” Thank you for this very important work and message— and for getting kids involved as well in healthy recipes and eating. So important!

We have only been signed up for 2 months, but the newsletters, recipes and information are all helpful!  “


I follow a lot of whole foods, clean eating, essential oils, etc… and I think it all helps us be more aware in what we are eating and doing to our bodies each day.

“Last night I gave my Granddaughter Alli, Beckham’s mom, the packet you sent for Beckham.
He was really excited, but the thing that really got him over the top was that Red harmonica. It was his favorite color…. Red! and he would not quit blowing on it.
Thankyou so much for making my great grandson smile.”